Is your progress stalling?

Is anxiety about the size of your learning goals preventing you from moving forward?

Is your business looking for an “edge” to stand out from competitors?

Have you always wanted a coach to help you structure your learning, but didn’t know who to turn to?

I’ve got you covered.

Learning is the most critical skill for all of us, on both an individual and societal level. Our ability to utilize our brains to understand the environments we find ourselves in is what allowed us to create our world.

Knowing how to optimize this process is like a superpower - there isn’t any bigger edge in life than being a master of learning.

School does a poor job of equipping people with the tools they need to be world-class learners, and there is a boatload of bad information out there that can mislead you.

Even worse, many people don’t bother even trying to learn how to learn - they’re happy to stick with whatever the hip “lifehack of the moment” is.

What this creates is a world filled with people born with the tools to be excellent learners, but few who take developing their learning skill seriously. I’m not one of those people - in fact, I’m a learning fanatic.

I’ve spent almost a decade focusing intensely on what science has to say about learning and memory, building learning systems and experimenting with different methods across a variety of different learning environments.

You can get a massive amount of value reading my books and long-form blog posts, but if you want the fastest, most concentrated results, having a coach on hand is the only way to go.

No matter how good you may think you are at learning, I guarantee that there are holes in your methods that can be patched up.

I can help you do the following:

Consider this: even if you’re 95% of the way there, squeezing out another 2% of optimization could be the difference between winning and losing, going broke or smashing sales records, standing on the podium or going home empty-handed.

I can help you get closer to that optimal level of learning.

This is the rocket-fuel, roided-out way to learn. Reading my written material is an excellent start and can be enough for some people. But it takes time and effort to master what I’ve written about, and you might not have the time or patience to do it all yourself.

I realize that not everybody is as fanatical about learning as I am, which is why I’m offering this service. What you get with my help is not cheap, but the value is nearly priceless.

You’re essentially getting the most valuable skills in the world in exchange for money!

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