Become the Master of Your Memory!

Do you consider yourself an intelligent person?

If so, I want you to ask yourself a very important question: how much of what you’ve learned do you actually remember?

You might feel smarter after reading a book, finishing a course or listening to a podcast.

But do you think you’re actually making progress if everything you’ve been taught isn’t stored in your brain?

Albert Einstein in space

The truth is that if you aren’t maximizing your memory, you’re wasting your time.

You aren’t actually getting smarter, you just think you are.

When it comes time to use what you’ve learned, you’re going to be in for an old-fashioned gut check.

You’ll get caught with your pants down when the time comes to use your newfound knowledge, and you’ll be left wondering what went wrong.

Sounds horrible, right? It happens to smart people like you every day!

Fortunately for you, there’s a solution that will allow you to skip right over that terrible experience.

It’s called the Memory Mastery eBook Bundle and within it you’ll find everything you need to master your memory and, more importantly, your life’s path.

You CAN Become a Memory Master!

Despite what you might have heard, learning and memory skills can–AND SHOULD–be built.

But very few people actually take the time to develop these critical skills. They think that they weren’t born with the right brain, and insist that they have a “bad memory.”

Black belt

You should know: these ideas are BULLSHIT.

You CAN develop your learning and memory skills to their full potential–if you have the right information and you practice the right way.

Learning Makes You Smarter!

You might be asking yourself, “That sounds good and all, but why should I bother developing these skills?”

That’s a fair question, and the answer is simple: they’re the most important skills you can develop–period!

How do you think you’ll do if you have to compete in anything–business, sports, you name it–against someone who can learn and adapt faster than you?

Brain from the top

I’ll tell you what the answer is: you’ll lose!

You might get the occasional advantage over your faster-learning rival, but it would be temporary because they’d learn from their experience, adapt and come back with a better move.

Before you know it, you’re left in the dust because they keep getting better at a faster rate, while you’re stuck in the mud.

Many intelligence researchers define intelligence as the ability to solve problems in unfamiliar environments.

Learning how to learn gives you the skills you need to solve problems, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

So when you develop your learning skills to their highest potential, you are making yourself smarter in the most concrete way possible!

Memory Makes You Wiser!

Do you ever get frustrated by how little you remember from what you read in books and articles on the internet?

What about the names of people you meet at important business functions?

What if I told you that, with a little time and effort, you could eliminate those problems?

Good news: that’s exactly what you get when you develop your memory skills.

To be clear, you won’t get a photographic memory (sorry, those aren’t real). You’ll still occasionally forget things–that’s just how our brains work.

But you will be able to build up your memory into a huge, deeply connected vault of knowledge.

Combine that knowledge with fast, efficient learning and you’re suddenly the smartest person in the room!

The 52 Aces Memory Mastery eBook Bundle gives you everything you need to be smarter, faster and wiser.

Memory Mastery eBook Bundle covers

Written For Maximum Learning!

This bundles includes 3 books that I’ve written specifically for people like you: Frequently Asked Questions about Learning and Memory, The Learning Factory, and Memory Fundamentals.

You need to see a subject from more than just one perspective in order to gain true understanding.

That’s why each one of the books in this bundle looks at learning and memory from different angles and in different formats, ensuring that the concepts stay glued in your head for life.

Every book in this bundle is written in plain English for regular people, so you don’t have to worry about having a degree in neuroscience to get a boatload of benefit out of them.

I know that you’re busy and can’t dedicate years of your life to learning and memory like I have, so each book is geared towards giving you the absolute maximum bang for your buck.

You won’t have to spend a huge chunk of time and energy to get massive benefits from this package.

All that time and energy has already been spent–by me. Now you can reap the benefits!

About Me

Ace Eddleman

Hi, my name's Ace Eddleman.

I've been researching, experimenting with and writing about learning and memory for almost a decade now.

My mission is to transform hard-to-understand subjects into books, courses and other formats that are easy for non-scientists to understand.

Putting my methods to use is also a top priority for me, and I successfully used them to go from zero experience to gainfully employed software engineer in less than a year.

Get Started Quickly!

Frequently Asked Questions About Learning and Memory eBook cover

The first book you’ll get, Frequently Asked Questions About Learning & Memory, is a quick (around 40 pages), easy-to-understand introduction to the subjects of learning and memory.

It’s a compilation of answers to common questions people ask about what’s going on in your skull when you take in information–written in plain English.

This book is the first step in your learning and memory journey.

It’s a quick read that covers the basics of learning and memory in an easy-to-digest “question and answer” format that anyone, no matter what age, can understand and make use of.

Once you’ve breezed through the gems in this small book, you’re ready to go deeper and start learning more about how memory works at a fundamental level.

Master the Fundamentals!

Memory Fundamentals eBook cover

The second book you’ll read, Memory Fundamentals, is an exploration of the most important concepts in the world of memory.

It’s about 80 pages of easy-to-understand explanations.

In this book, you’ll learn how your brain takes in information, turns it into memories and then pulls those memories out later.

By using analogies, vivid imagery and concrete examples to highlight and expand on these principles, you’ll have a strong base for understanding how your memory works.

Here’s where your learning and memory skills will really start to build.

After you read this, you’ll have enough knowledge to jump into my complete learning system: The Learning Factory.

A Complete Learning System!

The Learning Factory eBook cover

The crown jewel of this bundle is The Learning Factory, a complete system for learning and memory optimization that is the result of years of effort on my part.

This book is over 150 pages of no-bullshit, science-backed knowledge.

Even better: it’s an instruction manual for how to build a complete learning system that allows you to learn at warp speed and remember what you’ve learned.

After you read this book and start using the methods for retention that I outline, you’ll never have to re-read a book, take copious notes or worry about forgetting what you read EVER AGAIN.

By combining the knowledge contained in this book (and the other two books in the bundle) with science-based techniques like retrieval practice and spaced repetition flashcards, you will become a lean, mean learning machine!

Following the “easy-to-understand” theme, the whole system is outlined as a “factory” where information goes in and is transformed into strong, easy-to-recall memories that you’ll have for life.

If you simply follow along with the system and follow the instructions I’ve laid out, you’ll transform your learning and memory skills for the rest of your life.

Save Money When You Bundle!

Since I believe in delivering ridiculous amounts of value to my readers, I’m offering all 3 of these books to you as a bundle at a discounted price.

When you buy this bundle, you’ll save a whopping 23% over what you would normally pay for all of these books individually!

That’s an absolute steal, especially when you consider the years of effort I’ve put into this subject.

What You’ll Get

3 eBooks about learning and memory, all in one package, for 23% less than you’d normally pay.

Easy-to-understand explanations about the most important topics in learning and memory.

Vivid images for ensuring the concepts really stick visually.

Analogies and concrete examples that will make you think deeply about each idea.

A complete system for taking and retaining information for life.

DRM-free eBooks in 3 formats: EPUB, Kindle and PDF. Read the books anywhere on any device!

What You WON’T Get

Scammy bullshit eBook covers

Start Mastering Your Memory!

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