Remember What You Read!

If you’re tired of forgetting everything you read, from books to internet articles, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s the problem: Even though you take in tons of information every day, you end up remembering very little–if any–of it.

Why? Because reading is not enough! You need to understand the principles behind learning and, most importantly, memory to keep what you learn.

If you don’t, the information you pick up from books (or any other learning material) will quickly fade into the distance.

Retention is Everything!

There are now oodles of books, videos and courses out there filled with quality information you can use to learn any subject imaginable.

But this flood of information presents you with a new problem: how to keep what you take in.

Turn your brain into a safe

That’s why retention is the most important piece of the learning puzzle. It’s also the most neglected. Very few people know how to leverage the brain’s strange and powerful ability to store information for long periods of time.

Consider this: if you don’t remember what you learn, you are wasting your time.

You could have the absolute best information in the world at your fingertips, but it’s completely worthless if you don’t have a way to make it stick!

Stop Using Outdated Methods!

If you know how to remember what you take in, you have a huge edge in the world. Why? Because 99.9% of people are still trying to learn using methods that have been around for centuries.

Think about what a random person in the 18th or 19th century would tell you if you told them you wanted to learn something. The answers would probably be roughly the same as if you asked a random person today:

“Read a book.”

“Go get a degree.”

“Study every day.”

That advice is outdated, and you shouldn’t rely old-school methods to deal with new-school problems.

People in all previous eras of human history didn’t have the technology you have now, and didn’t have to deal with the sheer amount of information you do.

Your memory and learning abilities can now be maximized using tools that people from the past could never have dreamed of.

Combine this with all the new insights gained from the very young fields of neuroscience and cognitive science, and you have a recipe for amazing results.

All You Need is a Healthy Brain!

You don’t need an insane level of intelligence or a gifted memory. All you need is a healthy brain and a willingness to learn.

Despite what you might have heard, all of our brains work in roughly the same way. Yes, we each have our own personalities, experiences and thought patterns, I’m not denying that. You are your own person and all that jazz.

Evolution of humanity

But all brains learn the same way. Once you understand the universal rules of learning and memory, you can use them to expand your memory in ways you thought were impossible.

Combine that understanding with software and other high-tech, modern tools that pander to how your brain actually works, and suddenly you have a recipe for racing ahead.

When you know how to learn, you have a MAJOR edge over your competition!

I Can Show You How!

Ace Eddleman

Hi, my name is Ace Eddleman, and I have the solution you’re looking for. My book, The Learning Factory, contains a blueprint for retaining anything and everything you want to remember for the rest of your life.

The Learning Factory ebook cover

But this book isn’t just about memory–it’s a complete system for learning.

Memory and learning are deeply connected, and maximizing your memory will give you incredible learning results as a natural by-product.

If you follow the instructions in this book and set up your own system, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting everything you read ever again.

The tools and methods I highlight can be used to create concrete, long-lasting memories of whatever it is you want to remember.

This isn’t some fantasy cooked up by a self-help “guru,” this is a science-based system for getting the most out of your brain!

This is QUALITY Information!

Slippery salesman

When I first started on my learning journey almost a decade ago, it blew my mind how many outright scammers were in this space–all of them looking to make a buck off of people’s hopes of self-improvement.

There is a horde of “gurus” out there doling out the same ineffective, dated advice.

They’ll tell you learning is “all about passion,” that you need to take tons of notes and draw mind maps until your hands are numb.

This is advice for the Stone Age–none of it takes advantage of what we now know about how we store memories or learn new skills.

Fortunately, this is a subject that’s also attracted quite a bit of attention from science.

The fake “gurus” out there depend on you not knowing about it, but good information about learning does exist.

Unfortunately, most of the hard evidence for what works and doesn’t work was being communicated by scientists–people who only know how to talk to other academics, not regular people!

Written in Plain English!

The information is out there, but it would take you some serious time and effort to put it all together into something useful.

So I decided to do just that: build an easy-to-understand system for people who want to learn how to learn.

The Learning Factory ended up being the book that I wished I’d had when I was first starting out–and now you can have it at the start of your learning journey!

Learning Doesn’t Have to Be Hard!


After years of reading through loads of research and experimenting with my own learning, I came up with a framework that will allow anybody to more easily pick up skills.

This isn’t a collection of self-help fluff that will pump you up and then come up short on detail.

No, this is an entire blueprint for people like you who want to go from zero to learning hero as quickly as possible.

It utilizes your brain’s natural tendencies and optimizes them using technology whenever possible.

This is a Complete Learning System!

Tired of forgetting what you read? Sick of not making progress in the skills you want to develop? Looking for clear explanations about how the entire process works?

The Learning Factory has you covered. You’ll get the solutions to all of that–and then some.

Going fast

What I’ve put together is not some snake-oil “silver bullet.” No, The Learning Factory is a clear, straightforward system for maximizing your learning and memory abilities.

How do I know this works? Because I used my system to lift myself up. Using what I’ve compiled in this book, I went from a deadbeat loser to making six figures in the world of tech–all without having to spend a single minute in a classroom!

I’m not a genius by any stretch of the imagination, so if I can do it, I’m 100% positive that you can, too.

This Book Can Get You a Six-Figure Job!

In less than a year, after knowing nothing about programming, I had my first job as a software engineer.

I used programming as my big test of The Learning Factory’s effectiveness. It was still in its early stages, but my attitude was that I needed to prove it could work.

It wasn’t easy–remember, I barely paid attention in school and didn’t go to college–but I did manage to pull it off.

There were plenty of embarrassing interviews and failures, yet I did land a job at a local startup after about 9 months of learning and job hunting.

Even crazier, I was replacing the primary architect of the platform I was working on–I was the only full-time back-end programmer on staff when I was hired!

This meant that I, as someone who had done no professional programming up to that point, was in charge of writing and maintaining code for a real-life business. On my very first day, I was expected to fix bugs.

Within days, I was implementing full features.

It was a brutal experience in many ways, but it showed something important: The Learning Factory works. My paychecks didn’t lie.

This first job opened up new opportunities–I was now a “professional” with “experience.” It got me my first six-figure job, which lead to me having the time and money to build 52 Aces into what it is now.

My learning system changed my life dramatically, and I know that if I can change my reality, anybody can.

Plus you get the added benefit of not having to go through all the painful searching and experimentation I did.

You’re getting the pure, unadulterated “good stuff”!

Start Learning Today!

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What You’ll Get

The Learning Factory ebook cover

Clear explanations about how our memories work. My book takes this important subject and distills mountains of research into plain English so you can use it in your day-to-day life.

An entire system for learning, from start to finish. This book is designed for people starting from scratch, so it includes a detailed, tested system to get started on effective, lifelong-learning.

The most effective learning techniques. You’ll get the most cutting-edge information about what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t, when it comes to learning.

Learning and memory concepts that don’t work. Save yourself countless hours of frustration by avoiding the most popular and incorrect concepts out there.

Guided steps for each part of the process. You won’t just get hammered with a ton of information and then told “figure it out. “ Instead, I give you step-by-step instructions that will transform you into a lean, mean learning machine.

Tons of extra material. This isn’t just a book–it’s a well-defined process for learning. With that in mind, I included a variety of tools you can use to get started immediately. This includes, but is not limited to: sample flashcards, walkthroughs and checklists.

DRM-free eBooks in 3 formats. Read my book on your computer, Kindle, tablet, phone or whatever you want. Any books you buy directly from my site will always be DRM-free and in a variety of formats to accommodate a wide range of reading devices.

What You Won’t Get

Scammy bullshit eBook cover]


Eddleman’s approach does everything to overcome the barriers that might otherwise stop you from becoming a better learner, and demolishes some dangerous myths along the way.

-David H.

An earnest and well researched resource for anyone looking to learn anything more effectively and efficiently. I’ll never again waste time highlighting lines of text in hopes of cementing the passages in my brain.

-Amelia E.

Start Learning Today!

The Learning Factory can be yours for $27 - just click the button below: