It Won't Be Easy

There are large swaths of people who feel as if they've been left behind by the technological advances of the last few decades. In a sense, they have been. People who have not had the privilege of exposure to new technology (especially from an early age) are a distinct disadvantage in today's world. They feel as if they're drowning while the rest of society is enjoying a hearty laugh on the deck of a cruise ship.

Again, these people are not wrong. Silicon Valley is nowadays far more concerned with maintaining flow states, optimizing personal schedules and more or less ignoring the world beyond. Kitesurfing in the Pacific has become more important than addressing real human needs. To call them callous is not entirely inaccurate, and I sympathize with people who are on the outside, looking in at these people and wondering why they won't do more for the rest of the world.

We shouldn't have to worry about these problems. Technology, and all the benefits it confers, should be evenly distributed and everyone should have access to what they need to survive in the world. Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in.

Knowing this, it becomes each and every person's duty to adapt to the circumstances we find ourselves in. No matter what background you come from, it's up to you to find the path to where you want to go. Nobody is coming to save you.

The good news is that you were born with the most complex, miraculous structure known to humanity: your brain. It's capable of feats you'd never dream possible, and adaptability is a built-in feature that you can take maximize with a little bit of effort. Once you have a framework for how to achieve goals in a variety of environments, you're on your way to getting what you want out of life.

Don't believe me? Consider what features humans are given compared to other animals. We aren't particularly big, we don't have any armor, we aren't that fast, nor do we possess unusually good hearing or eyesight. What we do have is a brain that allows us to adapt, work together with other humans and overcome a much wider variety of obstacles than other animals.

We haven't lost this ability. We've become too complacent with the vast amounts of food and material comforts that surround us, which saps are desire to understand the world and adapt as needed. Then big changes show up and we're taken off guard.

The road to fixing this problem is not an easy one. You'll need to honestly examine your habits and overall outlook, which is not easy to do. Then you'll need to do something even more difficult: change them. But rest assured, you were born with the equipment to do all of that–and more.

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