Why You Need to Learn These

The skills you need to learn are skills that are currently very difficult for machines to replicate. They are demonstrations of human capabilities that are not easy to capture in algorithms, and they are what can give you the advantages you'll need to stay one step ahead of the machines.

Every one of the skills in this section depends on the use of your brain. That mushy goop you have in your skull is the primary advantage you have over computers, and it's what you need to focus on optimizing.

While I wholeheartedly believe in the need to exercise and maintain a healthy body, your economic future should not depend on your spine. If it does, you're asking for a world of problems.

From a more practical perspective, all of these skills are going to be in demand for a long, long time. While demand for knowledge of specific tools or niches will fluctuate as technology (and society) advance, these skills are timeless.

They also transfer very well. When you get good at one of these skills, it will directly impact nearly every other skill you possess (or want to possess). Every one of these skills will improve your life in multiple ways, and none of them are included purely for the sake of intellectual curiosity.

For example, learning how to be strategic isn't about the best ways to move troops on a literal battlefield–it's about figuring out how to make good decisions in the face of uncertainty. Building frameworks for how to do that is what makes learning how to strategize so valuable, as those frameworks can be applied to every area of your life.

Picking up these skills will make you smarter, faster and more valuable than your peers. You don't need to master them immediately (I don't think that's possible anyway), and you'll be better at some of these skills than others. That's fine–what matters is that you're constantly developing them and applying what you've learned in your every day life.


The skills you need are part of what I call the LAPS Framework. These are the top four skills that are A) very difficult to automate, B) economically valuable, and C) possess a high degree of transfer.

Here's a handy memory helper: If you have these skills, you'll be running LAPS around your competition in no time!

The skills you need are as follows:

Learning and Memory

The skills that will allow you to rapidly adapt and retain what you learn.


The skill that allows you to focus on and achieve your goals.


The skill that allows you to achieve goals using words and build coalitions with others.


The skill that allows you to plan for and react correctly to the actions of others.

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